Crown International Celebrated its14th Anniversary

【 Corporate News 】 Release Date : 2020-07-10 Author : Sunny Editor : Jaime Source : Qingdao, China

On the 7th of July, the extended Crown International Corporation family celebrated the 14th anniversary of the company group, as well as the grand opening of the corporate's UK branch.

Crown International 14th Anniversary Gala &
Celebration of the UK Office Grand Opening

Tim Liang, chairman of the board who is currently based in UK, joined the event via online video chat. Tim shared the development and achievements of Crown International in light of the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Crown International remains strong despite of the severe pandemic spreading across the globe. The corporate boldly ventured into the PPE business, not only aiming to extend help to people in need around the world, but it is also a new chapter of the corporate's strategic planning. CIC will continue to deepen its medical business and become a leader in the industry!

Executives across the globe joined the celebration online

Throughout last year, Crown International restructured its global supply chain. By deepening the cooperation among **, Tirecool and Crown Chemical, the corprate group has successfully ventured into new markets, enhanced the competitiveness of its private brands, forging an exceptionally strong synergy that strengthens its leading position in the market. Targeting the domestic market, Crown Chemical has developed high-tech products for numerous Chinese tyre manufacturers. By improving product quality and reducing production costs, Crown Chemical has not only remained strong, but also outshined every other competitor in the market.

"The establishment of our UK branch is a milestone in the history of Crown International Corporation. As the major operation of the Group in Europe, I have faith in our UK office to pass the test of the market. Here's to another successful 14 years of our future!"

UK Office, Crown International Corporation

At the end of the speech, Tim once again emphasised the importance of the corporate culture. Passion, responsibility and innovation have been the key to the group's decade long success. It is every member's dedicated mission to stay ahead of the industry curve and strive for the brilliance together!

Following up with Tim's insightful speech, Sophia Liu, General Manager of Crown Chemical recalled the experience of growing up with the group in the past 14 years. Also, she explained the business focus in the second half of the year. "At a time when China-US and China-UK relations are tense, the establishment of our UK branch is of strategic significance. I look forward to the prosperity of the Crown International and the new business and new market blossoming results."

Then, Daniel Liau, General Manager of Gremax Industrial Singapore, made his speech. He congratulated on the establishment of the UK office, and encouraged every Crown International member to prepare to open up new ideas for the new pattern of business of the group.

Sophia Liu, GM Crown Chemical

Daniel Liau, GM Gremax Industrial Singapore

Throughout the past fourteen years, Crown International Corporation has stayed strong and outshined the competitors in the market. We cannot achieve what it has achieved throughout the years without the hardwork of the brilliant Crown family. Going through the ups and downs, the Crown people are not defeated, but have been united, planned together, and grown together, making Crown International Corporation what it is today.

Being a big platform for talents, all Crown people will grow, achieve, and embark on a new journey together in this big warm family!

Stay Hungry, Stay Young! Here's to many more years of success and brilliance for Crown International. It is our dedicated mission to stay ahead of the industry curve and strive for the better together!