Crown International Corporation extends help to fight COVID-19

【 Corporate News 】 Release Date : 2020-03-31 Author : Media Relations Editor : Media Relations Source : Qingdao, China

Together we stand: Crown International Corporation donated 20,000 pieces N95 masks to public health care services in UK, United States and Australia, and has extended help and support of 2,000,000 pieces protective supplies to our business partners and friends across the globe.

We fully understand the seriousness of the COVID-19 situation, and we believe what the all the doctors and nursing staff are striving for is a noble cause. Your well-being is extremely close to our heart, and we are determined to take actions to contribute to the world's epidemic prevention.

Crown International Corporation is a pioneer in medical solutions. All commercial and industrial subsidiaries of Crown International Corporation, **, Crown Chemical, Gremax Industrial Singapore, and Tirecool, continue to reflect about how and where we can provide support.

It is our pleasure and honour that you accept our humble token of support, and we’ll continue to conduct social responsibility and be there for you.

Protective goggles

Face shields

Surgical masks